About Steve

I fell in love with the guitar around age 10.  A very inexpensive acoustic became my constant companion. I searched out every opportunity to unlock the mysteries of that instrument. I was glued to any TV show that had music on it, watching the players’ hands to find the secrets. I collected songbooks from relatives and learned the chords to whatever was there.

At 13 I got a banjo. At 16 I got a bass guitar. I taught myself how to read music from a Mel Bay book. Six months after getting my bass I was playing in a rock and roll band. Around the age of 17 my Mother bought me an electric guitar from the woman that cut her hair and I was in heaven. It was a Gibson Melody Maker from the early 1960’s.

Sharing my passion for music makes my world a better place.

I auditioned for the jazz orchestra at my high school and played in it for two years. I bought an upright bass after high school and went to Appalachian State University to major in music. I played in the Appalachian symphony and the jazz band. I also added mandolin and dobro to my musical world.

After deciding not to pursue an academic path I moved to Raleigh and began playing professionally. I have played Blues, R&B, Country, Bluegrass in addition to Rock and Roll over the years. Around 1990 I began thinking of putting together an original project. I had always written songs. Around 1992 The Backsliders started taking shape. We were eventually signed to a record deal and toured and released CD’s on the Mammoth, Atlantic and Disney music labels.  In 1999  I started concentrating on teaching as a full-time job. I also started doing recording session work.

I love teaching music. Helping people realize their dreams or just being able to have fun with an instrument is a very rewarding thing. Sharing my passion for music makes my world a better place.